August 2009

The Final Stretch

Well, we are officially in the final stretch of the 2009 season.  After tonight’s game in Lexington to conclude this series, only 10 games will remain on the dockett for the ‘Dads.

I always tend to wax reflective towards the end of seasons.  Though partially thankful for a break, I find myself always overcome by a bittersweet sensation when seasons come to a conclusion.  The truth is, I am going to sincerely miss this season during the winter, more than any other season I’ve been a part of.

We’ve got the absolute best coaching staff and group of guys in general that one could ask for, and it’s always a little tough to wave them out of town in the fall, knowing there is a very real possibility, if not probability, that most will not return.

It’s a funny feeling to say goodbye to people that you’ve just spent every day of the last six months with, only to quite possibly never see them again.  It’s also a funny feeling to be entrenched in a rhythm, in a lifestyle, that features a game pretty much every night, and then suddenly have that rhythm disappear.  You can set your watch by our schedule practically.  It gives stability in a sense – every night, I know what I’m going to be doing.  Games structure my life during the season, and it’s never easy to lose a stabilizing factor.

Fans go through a similar sense of loss.  They build relationships with these players, they come out to the games to support the team when at home, and look forward to their return when the team’s on the road.  When the season ends, there’s kind of a “now what” sentiment, among players, fans, employees and radio guy alike.

But, that’s part of the deal.  Everything has a beginning and an end.  If the season never ended, would we enjoy it as much?  I don’t think we would.  I guess the only thing to do is cherish the final 11 games of the season as much as we can, be sure to take full advantage of the final three home games of the season from Sept. 1 – 3, spend the offseason reflecting on the new experiences we’ve gained from the season passed, and then just start getting ready for Opening Day on April 8, 2010, when we all begin a brand-new journey together.

See you all at the ballpark for those final three home games at L.P. Frans next week!  Don’t forget that the Unemployment Night ticket offer has been extended to each of the three remaining home games.  For more info, check out or give us a call at (828) 322-3000.

As always, Go ‘Dads!