Liver Mush and Basketball: How I Am Spending the End of the Offseason!

by Evan Schaffer, Group Sales Assistant

Just wrapped up my first couple months in Hickory and it has been a blast! I am really enjoying working for the Crawdads and it has been a pleasure meeting people around the city, whether it’s on the phone or in person.  Many people have told me that it is imperative to try Liver Mush while I am here, so now I can proudly say I finally tried it. Sorry, but I am going to stick with the brisket or pork. Hickory is definitely a different town than my hometown Houston, the 4th biggest city in the country. The biggest difference is the scenery. In Houston it’s mostly flat and at night you’re lucky if you can see two stars in the sky because of the pollution. Here in Hickory the mountain scenery and the numerous visible stars in the sky make this town great to live in!

I am very excited for the NCAA Tournament to begin. I may be from Texas, but I am a big Duke fan and I am expecting them to win it all this year. You can probably catch me at one of my favorite restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings, throughout the tournament. Wings and plenty of TVs, you can’t beat that! We are now less than two weeks away from Opening Night and I can speak for everyone with the Crawdads that we are excited to start the season. GO DUKE!

Evan is entering his first season with the Crawdads and his second season in minor league baseball. He is from Houston, Texas, graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Sports Management before earning his master’s degree at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  In his spare time he likes to play the drums and do anything that keeps him active outdoors.

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