Thanksgiving Eve (Crustacean Nation)

~Andrew Buchbinder, Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations

First off, let me begin by saying Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  With Turkey Day right around the corner, it’s tough to focus on anything but the delicious feast on the horizon.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mushroom cream soup… and PIES!!  As is evident by my use of CAPS lock, the final member of my list is my favorite — I’m a sucker for a good Thanksgiving pie.

When it comes to pie, or desert in general, I really don’t see the need to mess around with fruit.  This being the case, I tend to stay away from the fruit pies.  Instead, I focus all of my remaining stomach capacity on the pies that really stick to your ribs.  Pecan pie and pumpkin pie are far and away my favorites.

And don’t forget the ice cream!  There’s nothing like a scoop (or two) of vanilla ice cream to compliment a delicious slice of fresh pecan or pumpkin pie.  Man, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving.

It’s interesting, during the past couple of years, Thanksgiving has made a significant climb up my list of favorite holidays.  I’d say Christmas still has it beat (not to mention Square Root Day), but Thanksgiving is getting up there. 

Easter used to rank second for me, but this was largely contingent upon the image of the Easter Bunny.  When the bunny’s true identity came to light (namely my dad begrudgingly walking around the yard at 5 a.m. planting plastic eggs), Easter took a bit of a step back (on a purely superficial note by the way).  I do like peeps though, which helps Easter’s ranking.

If one thing has become clear throughout this stream-of-concsiousness rambling of a blog, it is that I cherish holidays.  Not just for the good food, but also the opportunity to reconnect with family. 

During the past three years or so, including a two-year stint to the left coast and my current residence in North Carolina, I haven’t had the opportunity to spend as much time with my family as I had previously been fortunate enough to.  Spending quality time with them is the real reason I am looking forward to this holiday season, kicking off with Thanksgiving tomorrow.  So, with all that said, enjoy your family (and pies) during the holidays, and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Andrew Buchbinder is entering his second season as director of broadcasting/media relations with the Crawdads.  He previously served in similar capacities with the Bakersfield Condors (ECHL) and the Bakersfield Blaze, the ‘Dads High-A affiliate in the California League. 

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