Jump for Glee (Group Sales Gab)

~Kathryn Bobel, Co-Director of Group Sales

When we were told to start blogging, our Director of Media Relations, Andy B., told us that we could write about anything we wanted. He, fortunately, keeps us on track by throwing in a few Crawdads Clippings directly related to baseball every now and then, giving the rest of us the opportunity to ramble on about whatever flows from our brains to our fingertips.  So far, you’ve read about Stu-burgers, Boston natives, and West Coast vacations. This blog, however, is so far out of left field that even Shoeless Joe Jackson couldn’t track it down. 

I am going to present to you the five best reasons why you should be watching the best show on television right now, Glee. That’s right. I said it. The girl who for years eschewed any band, drama, theatre, orchestra, or choir dweeb member is now hooked on a show chronicling the lives of eight or so of them joined by the most infamous high school club of them all:  glee club.  By the end of this blog you will want to type www.amazon.com as fast as you can into your URL box, search “Glee,” click “1-step-checkout,” wait anxiously by your front door, and then stay up all night watching each and every episode back-to-back-to-back. (Not that I did that or anything.) In the interest of full disclosure, I was only turned on to the show by my show-choir crazy sister and parents. Before my epiphany known as Glee, never in a million years would I have voluntarily turned on a show about two-stepping singing freako’s high-schoolers on my own.  So, without further adulation, I give you the five best reasons you should be watching the best show on television–GLEE!

1. Dynamite songs.  By far the most amazing element of the year-old, hour-long teenage soap is the incredibly catchy, toe-tapping array of songs ranging from the classic “Don’t Stop Believin'” to the new-age smash hit “Single Ladies,” all of which have been arranged in new, fun, hip ways.  Granted, the actors and actresses aren’t your average, pimply faced 16-year-olds but 24-year-old Broadway talents, and they aren’t actually singing while the cameras are recording (their singing voices are laid over the video), but it’s still them.  And holy schnikes are they good! On a four hour car ride about a month ago, I listened to the 20-song soundtrack approximately 14 times. (I’ll deny it if anyone asks.)

2. Cute boys.  Honestly, half the reason I watch most of what I do on television (NCIS, Bones, any professional hockey game) is because the boys are just so gosh darn HOT.  Glee is no exception.  I think it is perhaps every girl’s wish to have a dreamy dude that can serenade her, and with this cast, you certainly have your pick.  An added bonus–most of these crooners can throw a perfect spiral too.  A guy that can sing and read a defense? Sign me up!

3. Slurpee facials.  We all know about the normal high school torture methods–swirlies, wedgies, swirling wedgies.  But, imagine frantically walking down the halls of your high school, books in hand, scared the bell will ring and doors will slam shut before you reach your destination and all of a sudden BAM!  You’re drenched from the top down in frozen grape soda.  You’ve just been given a slurpee facial.  Reserved for only the lowliest of the low, getting a slurpee facial in the show solidifies your standing in the subbasement on the high school hierarchy.  Although cruel, definitely unusual, and perhaps ill-conceived, it’s hard to deny the hilarity of sticky grape pop being hurled through a crowded high school hallway–as long as, you know, you’re not the one it’s being hurled at.

4. Drama.  Baby-daddies.  Extra-marital affairs.  Conniving, corrupt teachers. This show is so juicy it makes Jose Conseco look like a Sun-Maid raisin. The audacity of television in today’s world is the result of how eagerly and hungrily many of us gobble up the mind-numbing, though thoroughly entertaining, material billionaire TV producers create and networks air every year.  I know it may sound like I’m bashing pretty much every prime-time show on the air right now, but believe me when I say I’m the first in line with my knife and fork ready to chow down. (This blog also proves that I’m attempting to convince you that you should be sitting next to me at the table.)

5. It’s real.  Underneath some of the outrageous plot lines (and by some I mean all), the coordinating costumes, and the fancy-schmancy dance numbers, the nitty-gritty of the show concerns the trials and tribulations that anyone ages 13 to 17, and beyond for that matter, can go through.  Glee illustrates that while it may take a little while to find them, there are people out there who care deeply for us despite whatever flaws we see in ourselves. And that, my fellow TV-loving friends, is something to be truly gleeful for.

Kathryn Bobel is entering her second season with the Crawdads and first as Co-Director of Group Sales.  She served as Sales Assistant with the ‘Dads throughout the 2009 campaign, after stints with the Indianapolis Indians (AAA) and US Track and Field.

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