The Journey (Promotions Prattle)

-Michael Johnson, Promotions Assistant

Ever since I accepted an offer a few months ago to work as the Promotions Assistant for the Crawdads during the 2010 season, I have eagerly anticipated starting. That anticipation has finally come to an end as my first day has arrived.  

Leading into this new gig I bring a little over three years of experience in the area of promotions.  I started with a sports radio station in Minneapolis for one summer, though most of my experience up until this point has been working within college athletics.  While attending college at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota I spent some time doing marketing and promotions work during football and basketball games.  Upon graduation I accepted a Sports Marketing Graduate Assistantship at the university in my hometown of St. Cloud, MN (also hometown to the character Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother and referred to as “East Jesus Nowhere” in the movie Juno).

After a 1,300 mile road trip from Minnesota (or simply ‘Sota) which included a fifty degree thaw (-6 when I left Minnesota and 44 when I arrived in Hickory), I have settled in nicely to my new surroundings in Hickory.  Now the fun begins.  With 70 home games and a hand full of additional events at the ballpark I am certain to learn even more about life in the sports world.  The next one of these events is Saturday the 13th here at the stadium celebrating St. Patty’s Day.  We have a lot of fun things planned, so come out and enjoy the celebration.

Michael Johnson is entering his first season as promotions assistant
with the
Crawdads and first year in minor league baseball, after spending
2008-09 as
a Sports Marketing Graduate Assistant at St. Cloud State University.  The St. Cloud, Minnesota, native is a 2008 graduate of St. John’s University.  

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