CBS (Greetings from the Ticket Booth)

Douglas Locascio, Tickets Manager

It’s March Madness and we are 2 rounds through the 2010 tournament. The tournament itself has been plenty exciting with numerous upsets and countless nail biters that have thrilled all who have watched. Some folk’s brackets are looking good while others no so much with all the drama that comes with the madness.

How about that amazing coverage we have been given this year. Amazing coverage… Ya, right. There have been some nice things, being able to watch any game you want live through but the on air coverage and game selection, that is another story. Do not get me wrong; they do have a lot of games to cover for only being one network but use some common sense. When a team is up by 25 with 5 minutes to play I’m pretty sure the game is looked up and you can switch to more exciting games, ones that the fans want to follow. Now I understand we are going to get regional coverage and that is totally fine but where the problem comes is when an instant like this happens.

Sitting in my apartment on Sunday watching the Duke vs. California game and following the Pittsburgh vs. Xavier and Purdue vs. Texas A&M games online not much could have gone unexpected. Being here in Hickory knew going in I would have the Duke game to watch no matter what the score was, but what I didn’t see happening was when the two other games going on at the same time were neck in neck with less than five minutes to play. CBS stuck with the Duke game for its entirety and switched over briefly at moments but then when a timeout was called switched back and then stayed with Duke even after the other games timeout. CBS stayed with the Duke game till the buzzer hit 0 and then switched to the others. Yes I know we are in ACC country but come on, it’s March Madness, who really wants to watch a 15 point blowout when you have two close matchups going. They made me miss watching the buzzer attempt for the Pittsburgh game because they didn’t switch the games. Can you imagine how upset people would be if that shot fell and people missed it when they were watching the station they were supposed to be?

I’m not upset I just want CBS to be smart and think through logically what a fan wants to watch. It has been a great March Madness and can’t wait to see how the rest of the tournament unfolds. Good luck to everyone’s brackets and enjoy watching one game at a time now that the field has been slimmed down.

Remember Opening Day is quickly approaching. Purchase your single game tickets now online or stop by the box office; we are here from 8:30-5:30 Monday through Friday and purchase your game tickets. April 10th is our Open House so come on out to the ballpark for a great time.

Douglas enters his first season as interim tickets manager with the Crawdads and second year in baseball, after spending the 2009 campaign with the Wilmington Sharks of the Coastal Plain League.  The Tampa, Florida, native is a 2009 graduate of Campbell University.

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