VizquelGivesItThome Official Update Numero Uno (Group Sales Gab)

-Kathryn Bobel, Co-Director of Group Sales

Well, we’re 8.5 weeks into the fantasy baseball season (and the real one for that matter, but who follows whole teams anymore?), so I think it’s time to give all you throngs of readers out there not lucky enough to be part of the Who’s Your Crawdaddy League an official VizquelGivesItThome update.  

Up until last week’s blip-on-the-radar-loss to No Dept Like IT Dept, we were sitting pretty in the three spot, reveling in the fact that this rookie was going all Paul O’Neill versus a Gatorade cooler on more than a couple seasoned fantasy baseball vets. However, when you have an immature, though wholly talented, number one pick who loafs after groundballs, shoots his mouth off, and then subsequently gets benched (cough::Hanley Ramirez::cough), it throws a wrench in the process–especially if you are not a devoted fantasy baseball-oid who checks his or her roster updates every day.  (Seriously, who has time to log in every single morning and check whether or not the inflammation on Jorge Cantu’s left eyelid has gone down, therefore earning him his spot back as one of my two utility guys? I’m doing well if I’ve got on a matching t-shirt and shorts in the morning).

All ranting aside, I have learned a few things that will come in handy to any other novice fantasy baseballers. These tips may make you slap your forehead and say, “Uh, DUH, Kathryn,” but hey, I’m giving it a whirl. What more do you stat-loving, number crunchers want?  1) Draft a closer.  I underestimated the significance of saves–and by that I mean I didn’t know it was one of the ten categories that head to head match up consists of.  2) Pay attention to whether the pitchers you draft are starters or relievers and how many of each you draft.  Starters obviously pitch only once every five days, so if your pitching staff is made up of mostly starters, the chances of you garnering stats from more than two guys in one day is slim.  In my defense, once I realized my error I did do a little research–dropped a couple guys, added a couple guys, and then proceeded to watch the guys I added go on the DL with a strained right ear lobe and a torn left pinkie toenail, respectively.  3) If your league is made up of mostly co-workers, hold your draft in the office one day after work. Your boss will think you’re really getting after it when nine people are still staring diligently at their computers at 7:30 pm on a Tuesday.  Just refrain from swearing at your intern through the walls when he drafts the guy you had penciled in as your third outfielder–apparently, that was our downfall.

So, as we sit here, the month of May dipping below the horizon, VizquelGivesItThome is holding strong onto 4th place, just a couple solid weeks away from the medal stand. There is still a lot of ball to be played, though, and who knows who will blow the doors wide open after the all-star break and who will go on the DL because he tried to iron his shirt while wearing it. ‘Gotta love this game!

Bobel is entering her second season with the Crawdads and first as
Co-Director of Group Sales.  She served as Sales Assistant with the
‘Dads throughout the 2009 campaign, after stints with the Indianapolis
Indians (AAA) and US Track and Field.

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