Some Fall, Some Stand Tall… but the ‘Dads Keep the Fun Alive!

-Nick Parson, Front Office Assistant


The Texas Rangers appeared to be loaded for bear going into the 106th World Series against the San Francisco Giants. Unfortunately for the Rangers, they could only get a few shots off before being soundly beaten 4-1 in the best of seven series.

As disappointed as we were to see the Rangers fall in the World Series, we tip our caps to local hero Madison Bumgarner, who is now Hickory’s resident World Series champ. Bumgarner, who pitched his highschool ball mere miles away from L.P. Frans Stadium, was a key contributor for the Giants in their World Series victory, shutting down the Rangers to the tune of three hits over eight frames in Game 4.

Also getting a World Series ring is former ‘Dad Aaron Rowand. Rowand played in Hickory during the 1998 season, and is now a utility outfielder for the Giants.

The longest postseason run in Texas Rangers history definitely generated some exitement here in our front office. Things can get lonely here sometimes after the ballpark has been empty for a month, but the fact that our big brothers on the Rangers kept their season going for so long made the transition into the offseason just a little more gradual.

Now that the baseball season is officially over, we have turned off the tv and are hunkering down at our desks to begin crafting the 2011 Hickory Crawdads campaign. The ideas are flowing freely now, and we look forward to having you all here at L.P. Frans next season to see some of our new plans come to fruition. In addition, we hope you take advantage of the opportunity to see the future players for what is now a World Series calibur franchise, the mighty Texas Rangers!

Until baseball here gets going again on April 7th, stay tuned to our website for announcements on ways to make your winter more fun. From events at the ballpark to ticket deals for those looking for stocking stuffers, we’ll be keeping things exciting around here until the players break from camp and show up at our doorstep.

Until next time, keep those warm North Carolina nights fresh in your memory and get excited to do it all over again next season.


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