Just some preseason thoughts

By Andrew Buchbinder, Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations

Man, it was good to see some baseball at L.P. Frans Stadium last Saturday.  If you missed it, you didn’t miss out on any Crawdads Baseball (that starts on Thursday, April 12 at 7 p.m. vs. the Asheville Tourists, featuring Thirsty Thursday pres. by Buffalo Wild Wings and some Opening Night fun, pres. by 1290 WHKY… never a missed opportunity for a plug 😉 ) but you did miss out on some great high school ball with the first-ever Prep Showcase Showdown.  We were able to get in three of the initially-scheduled four games, and really ended up having some great weather.  There’s a good chance that this could become an annual event, so be sure to keep an ear to the ground after our season for more details on next year’s probable showcase.

Being as engulfed in pro ball as we are, sometimes it is easy to forget how high of a quality of high school athletics this area and state have, and that quality was in full gear last Saturday with rematches from last year’s Class 4A and Class 3A State Championships.  Not only was the quality on the field impressive, but the quality of the field was equally stunning.  It is not atypical in a climate such as ours to have the field not look its finest as we just get out of the winter months.  Such is not the case this year.  Maybe the relatively mild winter (knock on wood) has helped, but I prefer to give all the credit in the world to Head Groundskeeper Andrew Tallent.  He’s worked tirelessly throughout the offseason, and it shows.  Never in my previous three seasons here have I seen the field look this good on March 9.  Just another sign that this season of Crawdads Baseball, the 20th, is going to be the best.

On a totally different topic… I was scrolling through the Charleston RiverDogs site a moment ago looking for some details on the 2012 SAL All-Star Game, which will be at Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park this season (my absolute favorite ballpark and city in the league, by the way) and came across the ESPN commercial we did with them in 2010.  How awesome is this???  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2zQf6bxsZo Funny inside story… Joe Bonadonna, the runner at second in the video who is of, er, somewhat shorter stature, was roaming around the tent was set up for the cast and crew with refreshments and snacks, and got screamed at by a production assistant for being somewhere he didn’t belong.  The prod. assistant mis-identified the 5’6″ (maybe) Bonadonna for an extra.  I feel your pain, Joe.

Andrew is in his fourth season as director of broadcasting and media relations for the Crawdads, and sixth season in Minor League Baseball.  Previously, the Larchmont, NY native worked for the Bakersfield Condors Hockey Club (ECHL) and the Bakersfield Blaze Baseball Club (California League). He loves bacon.


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