NFL Playoffs

By Adam Dries, Broadcast Assistant

It is that time of the year, as the NFL Playoffs have hit the final games of a great season. The conference championship games are upon us, and four teams will battle it out for the two spots down in New Orleans, and a chance at Super Bowl glory.

This year like almost every year during the Belichick era, the Patriots are staring down an AFC Title. Just like in the 2012 Playoffs they will be up against the dangerous Baltimore Ravens. We all know that the Ravens will be ready to get some revenge for their heartbreaking loss from last January. This is the Patriots’ time to shine, but do not count out a fired up Ray Lewis, who will reach back for whatever is left in the tank to try to get one last shot at his second Lombardi Trophy.

The NFC Championship will once again feature the other Harbaugh coached team the 49ers, against Matt Ryan and the Falcons. Ryan is trying to prove he can be a big game QB, and there is no better place to do just that than in the Playoffs. But the 49ers are too complete of a team to lose this game if they play their style of football.

My predictions:

AFC Championship: Patriots over the Ravens- 31-21.
NFC Championship: 49ers over Falcons- 41-35

Super Bowl: Patriots over 49ers- 38-35

Make sure to keep reading! My next blog will feature how I am adjusting to life in Hickory, and counting down to April and Crawdad baseball!

Adam Dries is entering his first season as broadcast assistant with the Hickory Crawdads. A 2010 graduate of Western Carolina University, Adam also currently serves as a procurement officer for the City of Charlotte

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