A Lasting Image

By Katie Buchholz, Promotions Assistant

Check out this photo of one of our fans after he failed to complete the CLAWlossal Challenge last season.

Sorry, bud. You’re headed to the CLAWlossal Wall of Fame.

It’s nice, right?

This is the photo that welcomed me to my desk on my first day here as the Promotions Assistant for the 2013 season. Media Relations guru Andrew Buchbinder thought it’d be a funny joke-and it was. But what’s even funnier is that I’ve made it the background on my computer and kept it as such since that day.

Everybody in the office has an opinion on it-most come in and laugh and make some remark about how miserable the poor guy looks after falling short of CLAWlossal glory. Assistant GM Charlie Downs is especially fond of commenting on the photo-he actually came in while I was writing this and joked that I should write about our mystery man here…Already in progress! And Director of Promotions Jared Weymier, with whom I have the good fortune of sharing an office, can’t understand why I’ve put this on my desktop. He tells me probably everyday that I should take it down, but I won’t. For a few reasons, actually:

First, I think it’s funny.
Second, I have yet to find another picture on this computer that I like more.
And third, I just don’t care to change it.

This picture was good enough for me when I started and, barring the discovery of an even more exceptional picture, this photo will be good enough for me until the day I bid my desktop adieu.

And I guess that, in a way, this is what I want to look like at the end of the season. Beat down and exhausted and utterly defeated after having put all of myself into every inning of every game; ready to burst from having inhaled and crammed in every last bit of information that I can fit into my brain; and disappointed that there are things left undone, things we couldn’t manage to find a way to squeeze into an already chock-full promotional schedule.

And really, it reminds me of how much I can’t wait for ballpark food. Because, seriously, is there anything better? I think not.

Katie is in her first season with the Crawdads as the promotions assistant. A native of Racine Wisconsin, Katie will graduate in May from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in sport management. Previously, Katie has interned with the UW-La Crosse baseball and football teams, as well as the La Crosse Loggers of the Northwoods baseball league. A die-hard fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, Katie likes to read in her free time, as well as follow sports.

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