A Fan Again

There is only one part of my chosen profession that, on occasions, gives me slight pangs of disappointment.  Ironically, it is tied into the reason why I chose this profession to begin with — it is the unabated love that I have for baseball.

Now, the only problem with this is that it is very difficult to maintain your fandom when you work in the sport and business.  From a broadcaster’s standpoint, though there are many “homers” out there, myself most likely included, it is important to keep a slight sense of objectivity, or at least close to it, to assist in providing the most accurate depiction of the action.  After all, above all else, that is our primary duty when on the air.

Objectivity is just about the complete antithesis of fanaticism.  It is very difficult for the two to coexist.  This is not to say that I don’t want the Crawdads to win every game, or that I don’t want our pitchers to throw a shutout every time out, I just can’t let my emotions play too great of a role, which again keeps fandom partially in check.

To be completely honest, although I have my dream job and am thrilled with the opportunity that I have, I often miss just being a fan.  It’s tough to love this game and to have the closeness that I have to this game, more specifically this team, and not be a complete fan, which is exactly why I have come to love October.

October is my month to be a baseball fan, and it helps when the Yankees are post-season bound, which, love them or hate them, is often.  As one would imagine, I have not caught many Yankees games this season.  I try to keep up with them online and on Sportscenter, but it’s not the same.  That made getting to see them clinch the AL East on Sunday all the more special for me.

Though some might not believe it, I really care more about the fact that I actually got to be a fan again and watch the Yankees clinch than the fact that they did so against the Red Sox.  While, admittedly, it does add a slight slither of extra satisfaction, who they did it against is not as important to me as just that they clinched, and I got to see it. 

Although, as stated previously, I am a bit of a homer for the ‘Dads on the air, I believe it is improper in the role to unabashedly root for them, so at least it’s nice to be able to do so for the Yankees, it’s nice to be able to be a fan again.

And now, the obligatory “Pictures of the Blog”… fans style!  Drum roll please…

Wave in stands.jpg

Fans being fans with the wave at L.P. Frans… Poetic isn’t it?



A famous fan… and minority owner of the New Jersey Nets, so I thought I’d throw him in!



electric fans.jpg

Wait a sec, those aren’t the right fans!  We’ll take ’em anyway, Crustacean Nation accepts all types.

That’s all for today – as always, Go ‘Dads!


Andrew Buchbinder is entering his second season as director of broadcasting/media relations with the Crawdads.  He previously served in similar capacities with the Bakersfield Condors (ECHL) and the Bakersfield Blaze, the ‘Dads High-A affiliate in the California League.


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