Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010 (Blogs from the Boss)

On behalf of the entire Crawdads staff, let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year!  We are not going crazy at L.P. Frans Stadium — we do realize there are still 3 fun-filled months left in 2009.  After all, we still have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to.  However, in the baseball the world, we have closed the books on 2009 and are starting to plan for 2010.  


Thanks to everyone that made the Crawdads 2009 season a great one.  Fans, sponsors, players, coaches, game day staff and front office staff all play a vital role in bringing excitement and energy to the ballpark every night.   While the record on the field was not what we all hoped for, we were able to see a number of talented players that we can now watch work their way through the Rangers farm system on their way to Arlington.  The 2009 season ushered in a number of changes — a new affiliate, new uniforms and a new infield, just to name a few.  There were a number of fun events throughout the year, such as fireworks, the Sonic Flood concert, Bark at the Park, giveaways, etc., but as we said before, it is now time to say goodbye to 2009.  


Hello 2010.  April 16th is only 190 days away and will be here before we know it.  (I know the clock moves at the same pace it always has, but it sure seems like time moves faster these days.)  We are in the process of planning for an exciting 2010 season.  We will have many of your favorite promotions like the ones listed above, but we will also implement a number of new promotions this year.  We are still in the planning stages so it’s too early to say what all will be in store for this year, but we promise it will be a year filled with excitement both on and off the field. 


Happy New Year!


Mark Seaman

General Manager


P.S.  We want to know what you would like to see next year.  Whether it’s a promotional idea or something else, email us at with your thoughts and suggestions.  We may not be able to implement all of your ideas, but we promise to discuss them all!

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