The One and Only Vin Scully (Media Relations Mutterings)

Kevin Zeni, Media Relations Assistant

As I’m sure some of you may have seen in the news recently, legendary Hall-of-Fame Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully was hospitalized towards the end of last week from a fall he had at his home. A scary time for the family of the 82-year-old Scully, but just as scary for the millions of Dodgers fans that have listened to Scully broadcast games going all the way back to their days in Brooklyn.

What made the news so scary is that in 2002 a similar situation occurred with another Hall-of-Fame broadcaster in the Los Angeles area, Chick Hearn of the Lakers. Chick however, wasn’t as lucky as Scully and didn’t make it, leaving a huge void in the Lakers’ broadcast team that to this day still hasn’t been fully filled.

Vinny has been the only true voice for the Dodgers my grandparents have ever known, my parents have ever known, and I have ever known. Sure there have been several radio guys and recently Steve Lyons and Eric Collins have done road games not on the west coast for television (don’t even get me started on them), but Scully has been the one constant.

While it has been announced, even before this most recent incident, that Scully is seriously considering retirement after this season, I don’t think that anyone has really come to believe Vinny will ever leave the booth willingly. Broadcasting Dodgers games is all we’ve ever known for Scully, and really outside of spending time with his family its all Scully as ever really known.

I know that one day the reality of not having Scully in the broadcast booth doing Dodgers games is going to be a reality, but until that day comes I just can’t envision it. When that day comes, I can only hope that the current crop of secondary Dodgers broadcasters isn’t the full-time answer.

Kevin enters his first season as media relations assistant with the
Crawdads and second year in minor league baseball, after spending the
2009 campaign with the Inland Empire 66ers of the California League
(High-A).  The Los Angeles, California, native is a 2009 graduate of the University of La Verne.


I could not agree with you more about Mr. Scully And also about the secondary Dodgers broadcasters (not counting our Spanish broadcasters Jaime and Pepe.) Vin is the reason I to this day still carry a radio to the stadium. I get all giddy when I hear him say those words ‘Is time for Dodger Baseball!”
Nice blog you have here! I will keep it in mind for more reading.
Wishing you much success!

That’s way more clever than I was epexticng. Thanks!

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