From the eyes of an intern…

By: Ashley Fernandez, Promotions Assistant

Hey! This is my first post on the Crawdads blog and I figured it would be best if I first introduced myself and tell you who I am.  My name is Ashley Fernandez and I am from Tampa, Florida.  I moved to North Carolina for college and while I am not a true born and bred, I have fallen in love with the University of North Carolina and I can proudly say I am a Tar Heel. For the past three years I’ve attended school there, and will graduate this December with a degree in journalism and sports administration.

As of today I have officially been working with the Crawdads for 2months and 10 days.  And boy does time fly!  It seems like yesterday I was starting my first day and there was 80+ days on the calendar till our first home stand.  Now we have 23 days left and our first game is just around the corner!  I’ve had a great experience so far working at the stadium and cannot wait for the season to begin.  There have been so many things I have done as an intern thus far from brainstorming themes for our 70 home games to developing our pocket schedule.  I’ve worked on making our videos, planning for our holiday parties and gone off on various Conrad and Candy appearances.  All of my adventures here at work have been great.  Each day brings something new, and you never know what tomorrow has in store.  I love that I get to work at a ballpark everyday and am grateful for the staff I work with here.  Needless to say, I am happy I made the move to Hickory and am enjoying being an intern.

Ashley enters her first year with the Hickory Crawdads as a promotions assistant after spending time as a marketing and promotions assistant with Clear Channel Tampa and the University of Tampa Athletics.  Originally from Tampa, Florida, Ashley attends the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is currently majoring in Journalism and Sports Administration.  In her spare time, Ashley spends time with family and friends, goes to the beach, plays sports, and volunteers

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