This is my life…

 By: Groups Sales and Community Outreach Coordinator

Ok, here it goes. I have found it hard to write blogs these past few weeks, not only because we are approaching less than a month away from opening day but also because I am not that creative of a writer. I have always written what I am told to write about and I have been relatively successful at it but now that I have to actually write something without being told (well besides being told by the pesky media relations assistant), it has put me in a pickle. So, sitting here in my living room enjoying the last bit of sanity I have until April 12th, I decided to take a shot at it. 

I say sanity like my life has been sane the last month. Besides getting the season started and making sure all the calls are made and all the Claw Club memberships are ready, I have also been dealing with the purchase of a new car. I found the perfect car at Dale Earnhardt Chevy (my sponsor plug), they were great help and was excited to purchase my first car on my own. From there the long stressful process begun, the phone calls to banks, relaying the message to my mom and then back to the bank really started getting me stressed. Eventually, I got all of the financing worked out and I was on my way to sign all the papers to finally get this car as mine…only problem my insurance would not carry anymore because they found out I was no longer an Ohio resident. 

This news crushed me! I was so close to getting this car and another obstacle stopped me. This obstacle was not what I wanted to hear though, the only way I would be able to get car insurance is if the car that I was going to purchase was going to be titled and plated in North Carolina. Getting different insurance was not what made me flustered but the fact that I will no long be toting around my Ohio license plates, Ohio driver’s license and that I will essentially be, sigh, a North Carolina resident. 

I understand that this change was inevitable but I did not think it was going to come this abruptly.  I am Ohio, I love my home state, it is the BEST State and I did not want to change. Until, Jared, my roommate and co-worker, pointed out just because I am changing my residency does not mean I am not an Ohioan, it just means I am an Ohioan living in North Carolina. 

I am excited for this adventure and look forward to my years living in the Carolinas, until then I am still going to enjoy being from Ohio. I am going to cheer for Ohio State in the final four, I am going to look forward to the football season and see what excitement Urban Meyer can bring to Columbus. I look forward to opening day for the Reds and anticipate all the great trades and draft picks the Bengals select. Oh, and I am going to keep on telling everyone fun Ohio trivia, like Columbus is ranked the number one zoo in the US and Wendy’s originated out of Columbus.  Until then, you will see me driving around Hickory with my new car and license plates but I still know I am and will always be an Ohioan! 

Megan enters her first year as Director of Community Relations after spending time as a group sales assistant with the Crawdads.  She is a native of Columbus, OH and a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a degree in sport management.  She has worked with the BGSU Athletic Department and the United Way of Central Ohio.  She is an Ohio State fan and enjoys playing soccer and spending time with friends and family.

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