Dear President Ryan,

By: Luke Addison, Concessions Assistant



Subject:  Hidden gem

Dear President Ryan,

            My name is Luke Addison.  I am in my first season as Concessions Assistant at your single-A affiliate, the Hickory Crawdads.  Since I am a loyal member of the Rangers organization, I am emailing you today to let you know that I have found the missing piece in our organizations quest for the Commissioner’s Trophy. 

I know I don’t have to remind you, of all people, how close the Rangers have been to winning the whole kit and caboodle, but one can’t help reminiscing.  2010 was a banner year with the first World Series appearance in franchise history.  Despite the quick defeat, the team came back better than ever and was just a pitch away from hoisting the trophy.  If Nelson Cruz could have just come up with that fly ball in the bottom of the 9th in Game 6… ahh still too soon, I know.  This year’s Rangers returned with mostly the same roster intact.  Adding young phenom Yu Darvish was a savvy move to replace C.J. Wilson in the rotation, and the team is off to a sizzling start to this season.

Now, for no charge at all, I am about to give you the final ingredient to the Rangers championship cake.  As you know, the first year player draft is coming up June 4th where teams will be drafting their stars of tomorrow.  We have the 29th pick, and I am writing to suggest we go an unconventional route this year.  There is a pitcher in Division III that I think will put us over the top.  He plays at Muskingum University, in the same league that produced longtime major leaguer Terry Mulholland.  His name is Logan Addison.  Oh, and he is my brother.

Logan is a 6’2”, 195 pound right hander that possesses an arsenal consisting of a low 80’s   fastball, a slick slider, and a change-up that keeps hitters guessing.  He may not have the “Ryan Express” at his disposal but there are major leaguers right now who throw in the same range.   In 16 appearances (2 starts), the junior has commanded an impressive 2.92 ERA with an equally remarkable 8 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio. (According to the Muskingum Athletics twitter feed, Logan ranks 6th in all of Division III in fewest walks allowed per 9 innings.)   

Logan also possesses the necessary confidence that you look for when you hand the ball to someone.  “I like to be the man with the ball and be able to control the game. I want to go out and throw well to give my team a chance to win,” he says.  This coming from a guy who says his most memorable baseball moment was “the first time I stepped on the mound for the Muskies was against the #5 team in the nation. I thought I was a hot shot that was going to show everyone how sweet I was. The first pitch I threw was a double in the gap.”  I think that he’s recovered nicely.

Teammates and fans rave about Logan, who could also provide a major boost in attendance.  “He’s a man, a mighty mighty good man” says fellow pitcher Todd Spadaro.  Adds Matt Free “He is a prodigy, with a glimmering chain.” Because, as we all know, every great athlete has to rock some bling.  “He makes us so proud, and he’s just so stinking cute out there” says his #1 fan Trish.  (Ok that last quote might have been from our mom, but you get the picture.)  If that doesn’t convince you, feel free to check him out in action tonight when Muskingum takes on Case Western at the Jake in Cleveland.  (It will always be Jacobs Field to me.) 

Just imagine this scenario, Mr. Ryan.  Game 7.  Top of the 9th.   Rangers clinging to a one run lead.  1 out.  Runners at the corners.  Feliz has pitched a beauty but he’s gassed.  Ron Washington strolls to the mound and points his right index finger toward the pen.  Suddenly “No Diggity” by Blackstreet blares from the speakers.  The crowd works itself into a frenzy as the L-train emerges from the ‘pen.  People are dancing on the dugout tops like it’s the end of Major League as Logan takes his warm up pitches.  After things finally settle down, Logan unleashes a 82 mph heater on the next hitter.  He sends a weak roller to short.  Andrus flips it to Kinsler for one.  On to first…  Go crazy Texas.  Go crazy.

Yours Truly,

Luke E. Addison

P.S.  I know I said my tip was for free, but my internship is finished at the end of August…

Luke is beginning his first year with the Hickory Crawdads as a concessions assistant.  Previously, Luke has worked in baseball with the Akron Aeros, the Cleveland Indians Double A – Affiliate.  He was born and raised in Uhrichsville, OH and attended Kent State University where he earned a degree in Sports Administration and a minor in Business.  Luke has simple tastes, enjoying warm weather, funny jokes, and dancing.

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