Bloggin’ about bloggin’ (and hot dogs)

By Jeff Dickson, Director of Food and Beverage

Time: 10:22 P.M, April 29, 2012.

Location: Hickory Crawdads Front Office

Status: Attempting to write a blog

Problem: In just 8 short hours I will be back at L.P. Frans Stadium, helping to make over 12,000 hot dogs for our second day game of this homestand. At 10:00 tomorrow fans will enter the gates, and those with senior and education groups will be receiving a lunch which includes chips, a hot dog and a drink. They probably would like those hot dogs to be cooked. That’s where we come in.

In order to good that many hot dogs and still have the stadium game ready by 10, we have to get here soooo early (before the sun is even out!) to cook, bun, wrap…cook, bun, wrap…cook, bun, wrap…etc. Ok, I may be making this out to be worse than it is. And, honestly, I really like ending a homestand with a day game because the earlier the game starts, the earlier the game ends (and a nap can begin).  But still. No matter how many day games I’ll work in the future, cooking over a thousand hot dogs before most of you are even awake will never be something I’m used to. Now, if we are talking about a thousand strips of bacon then it’s a different conversation completely. Probably one with my mouth full. I digress. Hot dogs. 1,200 of them. 6:30 A.M. It’s now 10:35 P.M. The clock is ticking.

Jeff is entering his second season with the ‘Dads and first as the Director of Food & Beverage.  The Oneonta, NY native joined the Crawdads in 2011 as a concessions assistant, and has previously worked with the Oneonta Outlaws as a sports marketing intern.  Jeff is a die-hard fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and North Carolina Tar Heels.

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