The Glory of Clean Clothes

By Andrew Buchbinder, Director of Broadcasting & Media Relations

Greetings from lovely Salisbury, MD!  The ‘Dads are here on the Eastern Shore getting set to wrap up the road trip in Delmarva tonight, which is good news because I am down to my carefully-calculated final pair of clean socks.  I’m convinced that packing is a science, and depending on the day, I’m not very good at it.

Actually, I typically overpack.  Through six years of packing for road trips, you would think I’d be better at doing this, but, alas, I am not.  I think the problem lies in the possibility that I think too much. Ok, the probability that I think too much. 

I think, “what if I go for a run and use two pairs in one day?” (a rare occurence); “what if I leave a pair in hotel #1 and don’t have enough for the back end of the trip”; “what if…” well, those are really the only two scenarios of atypical sock depletion, but you get my point.

Don’t even get me started on shirts and shorts.  You need t-shirts, polo shirts and shorts.  And you need extras.  The first time you don’t pack extra shirts and shorts will be the last time, because you are just about guaranteed, with universal laws being as twisted as they are, to have some sort of food or beverage take out a garment. 

I like to think of myself as a borderline obsessively neat eater, but you have to take into account your surroundings and, most importantly, the surrounding eaters.  More often than a rational human being might think, collateral damage occurs when food consumption is involved.  Don’t believe me?  Just you wait.  Just you wait for some lemon juice to come spritzing your way on to your previously spotless white Crawdads polo, just you wait for a Pepsi to be spilled on your khaki shorts, just you wait for a member of the waitstaff to drop a thing of ranch on any color shirt, just you wait…

Not only will spills happen, but they always happen on day one or two of the trip, so you are forced to wear spotted articles for the rest of the week.  Which brings us back to packing spare pairs, and the essential nature of this.  Well, the typically essential nature of this, which is the thought process that usually leads me to overpacking.  Not this trip, though.  I threw caution to the wind.  I packed only the bare minimum of what I needed, down to the day.  And now I need to come home… and do laundry.

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