New Girl

By: Kathryn Bobel, Director of Group Sales

The last time I attempted to convince our throngs of readers to watch the best television show currently on the telly, it was for the following five reasons:

  1. It has dynamite songs
  2. It has cute boys who sing dynamite songs AND play football
  3. It has slurpee facials
  4. It certainly has drama
  5. It’s real

If any of you readers are worth your teen-tv-show-loving salt, you already know that I’m talking about GLEE! Two years later, Fox has churned out a winner yet again—my current obsession—New Girl! The following four reasons are my attempt at convincing you to tune into Fox on Tuesdays at 9:00pm.

1. You can relate. And by you, I mean any individual ages 20-30 or any individuals that were once ages 20-30.  You make so little at your benefit-less job that you have to pay for your MRI with coins. Your car is worth so little the guy at the garage refuses to fix it out of fear that parts may fall on him once he puts it on the lift.  You want so badly to be great at your job that you babysit your boss’s kid at the company Christmas party, but get perhaps a tad too intoxicated while doing so.  And, you have the absolute greatest friends who drive you to your ex-boyfriend’s house to get your stuff back—even your t-shirt that he’s currently wearing (odd…I know.) While each of these situations were created for the show, we can all think of at least a handful of such stories that we’ll never forget.

2. It’s intelligent.  Good writing is difficult to come by on television these days, and while I’m as big of a sucker for the newest reality show as the next chica, it is very refreshing to stumble upon a show that uses words other than “guido,” “juicehead,” and “T-SHIRT TIIMMEEE!” My all-time fave is Aaron Sorkin’s “Sports Night,” a two-season masterpiece that aired in the late ‘90s before getting the ax far too early. Sorkin illustrated an uncanny ability to mix historical references and tawdry one-liners, all while employing an admirably advanced vocabulary. The result? An irresistible mix of drama and humor, laughter and tears.  Similar to Sports Night, New Girl displays a great combination of witty pop-culture references and wonderfully realistic characters just trying to navigate their way through the world.

3.  Zooey herself!  Deschanel is widely lauded for her originality, and seeing a strong female lead in a show is always a welcome reprieve from the flaky, flighty female archetype that seems to pervade TV these days. And while I’m not going to wear a knee length knit sweater with leg warmers and black, plastic-framed glasses any time soon, the confidence Deschanel’s character portrays is undeniable. (My purple suede pumps give me the same bravado.) She shows you can be clumsy, ornery, and quirky, all while possessing an equal amount of elegance, class, and intelligence.  She loves her job, she’s not afraid to go get the guy, and she has great hair, to boot.  She’s inspiring and invigorating.

4.  Similar to GLEE, it’s real. While the idea of four individuals living in a loft each with bedrooms large enough to rival my current apartment is no where near real, the idea that living life from the ages of 20 to 30 in a somewhat transient but unforgettable state is very real.  There are those “Seinfeld”-like conversations that go nowhere, the “Friends”-like relationships and breakups, and stories with plot lines so outrageous you wouldn’t believe them if you weren’t there to experience them yourself.  (Mine include rolling a sleeping co-worker down to home plate in an office chair and getting booed out of a gymnasium with Conrad the Crawdad after being eliminated from an adult spelling bee.)

So, next Tuesday at 9:00pm, after cardio sculpt class and my healthful dinner consisting of Diet Dr. Pepper and Spaghettio’s (which basically undoes anything done at cardio sculpt class), you’ll know right where to find me—on my couch getting ready to watch the best show on television. Feel free to come join the party! One rule at Bobel’s bachelorette pad, though—you have to bring your own Diet Dr. Pepper and Spaghettio’s!

In her fourth year with the Crawdads, Kathryn is a native of Indianapolis, IN and graduated from Bowling Green State University in December 2008 with a degree in sport management.  She has previously worked with the Indianapolis Indians and USA Track & Field.  In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys following the Cleveland Indians and BGSU athletics.

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